Why we're here

We, at Turing Ninjas, are a group of passionate technologists who have come together to work on our mission - of redefining effective education and taking it to another level of efficiency with simplicity. And, the medium we have chosen to improve the means of education is the most relevant topic in the 21st century - learning to build with technology.

We are all experienced technologists, who have attained expertise in our respective fields. We realised through years of industry-work that today's education system requires reforms including implementation of all the skills young ones need today to BUILD THE FUTURE of tomorrow. And, the only way to go about it is to start now. We have established our curriculum and iterate upon it every day on what we learn from our students. We believe that teaching and learning go hand in hand and there is no limit to the knowledge one can acquire. We aim to establish an interactive environment where students learn from us and we too, learn new things from these brilliant young minds.

If you are a parent and you want to set up your child to be a leader of the future, instilling in him/her, key skills and useful values for life, start with a FREE TRIAL CLASS for them. We promise to blow you away!

If you are concerned about the all-round development and you want to lay down a strong foundation of computational thinking for your child then join us now!

Our Team

Juhi Picture

Juhi - Co-founder and Pedagogical leader

Juhi is our chief pedagogy expert and chief curriculum creator. She brings a depth of experience in hardware and software engineering in both academic and industrial context. She is also the brain behind Turing Ninjas and our mission. Juhi is also a mother of two beautiful kids and has already brought them to the world of coding because she believes that charity begins at home, and so does learning.

Shiv Picture

Shiv -Advisor, Marketing & Curriculum

Shiv a software engineer at Adobe, advises us on the visual goodness of Turing Ninjas. He inculcates creativity into our marketing and teaching content and is himself a Ninja teacher in his spare capacity, helping to shape the young minds into future innovators.

Aditya Picture

Aditya -Advisor, Brand & Curriculum

A technologist at McKinsey & Company Supervises our branding efforts on our web and social media platforms. He also advises us on creating sharp value propositions for our content to make it suitable for kids and their parents.

Dinesh Saxena Picture

Mr. Dinesh Saxena -Financial Advisor

A General Manager at a leading public sector bank in India with over three decades of experience in multiple leadership positions, Mr. Dinesh Saxena brings a wealth of experience ranging from training young adults in the early stages of their careers as well as experienced adults seeking guidance to upskill themselves. He advises Turing Ninjas with his vast knowledge of the education sector and also helps to keep their business model financially strong.

Make your kids future-ready

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