Tiny Ninjas

Tiny Ninjas program enables kids to take their first step into the huge world of programming. With focus on unplugged/off-screen activities and age-appropriate STEM educational kits, kids will be introduced to the concepts of computational thinking and problem solving. Gradually, kids will gain hands-on experience on block based programming.

Age 4-5 years
12-hours course
Novice Ninjas

This Novice Ninjas program is a closer look into the key concepts of programming by using diversified resources such as block-based programming and STEM educational kits. Focusing on creativity, collaboration and communication, kids create games and animations and showcase their work. This course has an appropriate blend of unplugged and on-screen activities for keeping kids engaged throughout the lessons.

Age 5-6 years
16-hours course
Junior Ninjas

This Junior Ninjas program is aimed at strengthening the critical thinking skills and instilling perseverance. The course introduces and explores all the features of Scratch 3.0, a MIT developed block based programming tool for kids. The increasingly challenging and open ended activities are included in the curriculum to stimulate their brain power and widen their imagination.

Age 7-8 years
20-hours course
Elite Ninjas

The Elite Ninja program focuses on real-life problem solving through technology. The course aims at developing computational thinking and logical reasoning via game development and app development. Students will be introduced to design thinking skills as they work on app development.Gradually the students will transition beyond block based programming to text-based programming. The course also includes hands-on hardware programming to build everyday use applications.

Age 9-10 years
Flexible offering
Expert Ninjas

The Expert Ninja program is designed to be in continuation to our Elite Ninjas program. The course involves deeper understanding of text based language. Students will build more challenging utility applications and games to deepen their understanding of data, algorithm and programming. The mobile device apps developed would be user centric.

Age 11-14 years
Flexible offering

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