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This course focuses on teaching pattern recognition, sorting, sequenci...Read More

Age 6-7 years
24 Sessions

Students learn the fundamental concepts of programming while creating ...Read More

Age 8+ years
24 Sessions

This course begins with teaching students basics of the super popular ...Read More

Age 8+ years
24 Sessions

Students learn about designing of user interface and practice key codi...Read More

Age 10+ years
24 Sessions

In this course students would design and build their own imaginary 3D ...Read More

Age 10+ years
10 Sessions

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Why Us?

We aim to bring a change in the conventional approach towards coding and nurture kids from their initial stages itself.

  • A team of established mentors

    Software engineers and technologists from renowned institutions, who know how to guide and deal with the young minds.

  • Authenticity

    We make genuine promises which are practical, and strive to fulfil them. 100% of the parents who enrolled with us recommend us and have continued with our further next level courses for their kids.

  • Firm beliefs

    We provide kids with proper support and guidance and let them ENJOY what they learn. We believe education is a precious gift and stand by it.

  • Transparency and Feedback

    Constant interaction with parents regarding their kid's progress and being open about what we teach our students.

  • Maintaining Balance

    We conduct classes once or twice a week to allow kids the space for academics and other activities.

A love for technology and a passion for teaching is what brings us together, to provide your kids with the best possible experience while they learn to code with us.

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