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Welcome to Turing Ninjas

We at Turing Ninjas are proud to offer a wide range of coding and robotics programs for young Ninjas aged 4 to 14 years of age. With the focus on instilling essential digital age skills like computational thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication we ensure kids have a lot of fun along with tons of learning. We inspire young minds to bring out their creativity by involving them in open-ended coding activities. Give your child an opportunity to discover the world of programming!


Our Programs

Popular Classes

Tiny Ninjas

Tiny Ninjas program enables kids to take their first step into the huge world of programming. With focus on unplugged/off-screen activities and age-appropriate STEM educational kits, kids will be introduced to the concepts of computational thinking and problem solving. Gradually, kids will gain hands-on experience on block based programming.

Age 4-5 years
12-hours course
Novice Ninjas

This Novice Ninjas program is a closer look into the key concepts of programming by using diversified resources such as block-based programming and STEM educational kits. Focusing on creativity, collaboration and communication, kids create games and animations and showcase their work. This course has an appropriate blend of unplugged and on-screen activities for keeping kids engaged throughout the lessons.

Age 5-6 years
16-hours course
Junior Ninjas

This Junior Ninjas program is aimed at strengthening the critical thinking skills and instilling perseverance. The course introduces and explores all the features of Scratch 3.0, a MIT developed block based programming tool for kids. The increasingly challenging and open ended activities are included in the curriculum to stimulate their brain power and widen their imagination.

Age 7-8 years
20-hours course

Kids love learning with us


  • Woman's Face

    Shubhra Mathur - parent of a Novice Ninja

    My daughter is 6yr old and she loves doing puzzles and drawing, so it is kind of best thing for her to do puzzles and art activity by learning the coding steps. Turing Ninjas is a great place for kids to learn coding and problem solving in a fun way.

  • Woman's Face

    Neha Bisaria Johri - parent of a Novice Ninja

    My daughter attended one of the classes with them and she had a great experience! It was a highly interactive class , totally engaging and keeping up with the recent trends in education!! The teacher, Mrs. Juhi Saxena was a very sweet and encouraging mentor making sure the child was comfortable during the class, and making her clear with all the basics of computers and coding!! I would love my child to attend more classes with her !! Great work team Turing Ninjas..!

  • Woman's Face

    Deepshikha Mathur - parent of a Junior Ninja

    My daughter who is 7 year old absolutely loves the coding sessions and she is always looking forward for it. This is the first time she is doing these kind of studies ... since i am not into this field so its also a new experience for me too to see her learn something new. The sessions which #turingninjas are giving are very interactive and engaging and kids wants more and more 😁. Great going #turingninjas.

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