MIT App Inventor: Mobile App Development

Students learn about designing of user interface and practice key coding concepts while building mobile applications. Students start with the design and development of games and gradually move on to developing useful applications.

Package typeNumber of classesClass durationFee
Monthly subscription4 classes1 hour$ 160
10-Class course10 classes1 hour$ 350 (after 13% discount)
Full course24 classes1 hour$ 840 (after 13% discount)
  1. Ninja skills acquired
    • Learn to design user interfaces - the basics
    • Write programs in visual code
    • Develop real-world mobile apps and build games
  1. Exclusive perks
    • Certificate on completion of course
    • Flexible schedule as per your convenience
    • Curriculum customized as per the student's skill levels, understanding and interests
    • Weekly progress reports and sharing suggestions for improvement

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