Roblox: 3D Game Development

In this course students would design and build their own imaginary 3D worlds and Obstacle Courses. They would create a functionality of the game while learning to write scripts in Lua programming language.

Package typeNumber of classesClass durationFee
Monthly subscription4 classes1 hour$ 160
10-Class course10 classes1 hour$ 350 (after 13% discount)
Full course24 classes1 hour$ 840 (after 13% discount)
  1. Ninja skills acquired
    • Practice coding at the fundamental level with Lua programming
    • Design and build a virtual 3D world where fantasies come true
    • Create your own exciting games on Roblox
    • Bring imagination to life and delve into an enjoyable experience
  1. Exclusive perks
    • Certificate on completion of course
    • Flexible schedule as per your convenience
    • Curriculum customized as per the student's skill levels, understanding and interests
    • Weekly progress reports and sharing suggestions for improvement

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